Introduction Event of Sungrow Inverter SG125CX-P2 | Inverter 125Kw

Inverter Sungrow SG125CX-P2-Biến Tần 125Kw-Buổi-Giới-Thiệu-1

On October 25, 2022, at Cafe TinhTe, Sungrow Vietnam introduced and launched the 125Kw Inverter with the product code SG125CX-P2. This is an upgraded version from the CX series that was first introduced in 2018.

Inverter Sungrow SG125CX-P2-Biến Tần 125Kw-Buổi-Giới-Thiệu-1

With numerous smarter upgrades and optimized performance, Sungrow highlighted the CX-P2 series as a top-notch product during the introduction session.

Inverter Sungrow SG125CX-P2-Biến Tần 125Kw-Buổi-Giới-Thiệu-2

Inverter Sungrow SG125CX-P2-Biến Tần 125Kw-Buổi-Giới-Thiệu-3

Sungrow Vietnam emphasizes that the SG125CX-P2 inverter, or Sungrow’s 125kW inverter, is a new-generation product designed for large-scale projects. It features 12 MPPTs, achieving an efficiency of up to 98.5%, maximum DC current of 15A per string, and compatibility with panels above 500W.
Moreover, the SG125CX-P2 inverter integrates:
+ Type I + II lightning protection for DC and Type II for AC
+ AFCI 2.0 circuit interruption system to detect DC arcing faults with up to 99.9% accuracy
+ Intelligent I-V curve diagnosis function
+ Grid monitoring capability, easily controllable remotely.

Inverter Sungrow SG125CX-P2-Biến Tần 125Kw-Buổi-Giới-Thiệu-4


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