Solar Radiation Sensor Pyranometer SMP10 – KIPP & ZONEN

The SMP10 sensor is a flat spectral response type A pyranometer that combines sensor technology from the CMP 11, the Smart Interface from the SMP11, and low maintenance capabilities from the CMP10.

Featuring a built-in desiccant chamber, it will remain operational for at least 10 years without opening the chamber lid, significantly reducing maintenance requirements.

The cleaning interval for the dome can be extended, and measurement quality maximized, by integrating the SMP10 with the CVF4 ventilation device.

The SMP10 features a Modbus® interface, analog output with amplification, improved response time, and temperature-corrected measurement data. Its wide and low voltage supply range from 5 to 30 VDC facilitates easy integration into meteorological and solar energy stations. The SMP10 is protected against overvoltage, polarity reversal, and short circuits.