First Solar solar panels are officially imported by XB Solar

Tấm pin mặt trời First Solar

First Solar – Company Introduction

Currently, in the solar panel market, there are positive changes and developments with leading global brands offering products in the high-end segment that are highly anticipated.
Therefore, both quality and cost are always the top priorities for manufacturers.
“Perfection” is the word to describe the First Solar brand, which has recently announced the creation of a solar panel series with record-breaking efficiency worldwide.
First Solar is a well-known brand that consistently earns trust from customers and continuously improves and upgrades its products, particularly its solar panels. The photovoltaic modules of the First Solar Series™ provide users with optimal energy sources.
Information about First Solar solar energy company:

Advantages of the Series 6™

Outstanding efficiency

With optimized temperature coefficients, spectral response, and excellent shading tolerance, these Series 6 modules deliver superior efficiency, generating over 8% more energy per watt compared to conventional panels.
Unlike conventional crystalline silicon panels, First Solar’s thin-film panels employ intelligent technology to completely eliminate two main performance-inhibiting factors, LID and LeTID. This significantly enhances panel efficiency.
Furthermore, Series 6 is coated with an anti-reflective glass layer, reinforcing light absorption and boosting product efficiency.

Optimized throughout the usage period

The Series 6 solar panel not only ensures excellent performance but also receives high praise for its optimal design and adaptability to various weather conditions and environments. Furthermore, with its nearly perfect design, it is easily applicable to both small and large-scale systems worldwide.
Designed with cutting-edge technology:
  •  The bottom frame of the solar panel is compactly designed to facilitate easy cleaning and serves a protective role against cracks.
  •  The improved Speed Slots maximize efficiency while ensuring the best possible sturdiness.
  •  The optimized clamps eliminate the need for wire management.

The level of reliability and stability reaches an outstanding level without any dispute

With a 100% QA/QC sealed glass process to ensure maximum quality and minimize the presence of subpar products in the market.
Independently tested and certified for performance reliability surpassing IEC standards in high temperatures, high humidity, harsh desert conditions, and coastal installations.
Superior durability in all harsh weather conditions such as storms, snow, and hail…

Eco-friendly products that are user and nature-friendly

Always ensure the fastest and superior return on investment compared to other devices.

The Series 6 solar panels guarantee environmental and human friendliness.

Choose to purchase First Solar panels at XB Solar!

XB Solar is currently the authorized distributor of First Solar brand energy devices in Vietnam. The authorized stores and branches of XB Solar have imported First Solar Series 6™ solar panels with various capacities for signed projects and future customers.
Ensure the purchase of quality, genuine, and reputable products at the best possible prices.
Support customers during the installation, maintenance, and long-term warranty of the products.
All First Solar solar panels come with an official warranty.
In addition, XB Solar will have its own warranty, maintenance, and after-sales service when customers choose to install solar power systems at the company.
Contact us now for consultation, design, and installation of your own solar power system today.
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