Solar Energy Storage Battery Cabinet Sungrow 106KWH | ST106CP-50HV

Battery Outdoor Cabinet / AC Outdoor Cabinet is brand new, 100% genuine.

The energy storage solution for commercial and industrial projects (ESS) offers multiple configurations for energy storage ranging from 101-129kWh. Its robust outdoor cabinet design ensures easy transportation and installation.

Battery Type LiFePO4 Prismatic Cells
Battery Module 4,6 kWh, 40 kg
Number of Battery Modules 23 Modules
Rated Energy 105,9 kWh
Depth of Discharge 100%
Communication Ports RS485, Ethernet
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 1.300 x 2.400 x 1.000 mm
Weight 2.400 kg
Protection Level IP45 & corrosion resistance C5
Certifications IEC62619, IEC62477, IEC62040, IEC61000, UN38.3