Jinko Solar Panel – Tiger Pro 560W – 565W – 570W – 575W – 580W | Jinkosolar

  • The JKM560-580M-7RL4-V series from the leading Tiger Pro line incorporates premium technologies such as TR, HC, MBB.
  • By applying TR technology, Jinko solar panels utilize a round ribbon developed independently by Jinko R&D to achieve enhanced light absorption and increased energy generation capabilities.
  • Through the use of Half cut cell technology, the current (i) flowing in each busbar is halved. Thus, the internal loss within the half-cut module is reduced by ¼ compared to conventional ones.
  • The combination of TR technology aims to eliminate cell gaps to increase module efficiency, resulting in higher overall performance.
  • Utilizing MBB instead of 5BB enhances the efficiency of the modules, resulting in a power output increase of over 1.57%, providing better aesthetics and making it perfect for installations on rooftops, terraces, and high areas. Additionally, reducing the distance between busbars and grid lines is advantageous for increasing power.
  • This series of solar panels also features a lower power degradation rate (2% in the first year) and improved open-circuit voltage. By reducing the LCOE, the high-performance Tiger Pro series opens the door for investors to achieve higher electricity output.
  • Annual power degradation is reduced by 0.55%, and the product is linearly warranted for 25 years and 12 years.